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Cape Malay Pork Kebabs (900g)

Indulge int the succulence of our Delicious Cape Malay Pork Kebabs, expertly crafted for true Cape Malay spices, roasted and mixed to perfection. Each bite is a journey through the rich culinary heritage of the Cape Malay tradition.

Traditional Boerewors (500g)

Savour the authenticity of our Traditional Boerewors, a blend of grass-fed, free-range pork, and karoo lamb fat encased in natural sheep casing. Our secret spice blend ensures a taste sensation that's pure wholesome, and free from MSG, preservatives, and gluten.

Pumpkin Pie (750g)

Indulge your sweet tooth with our Pumpkin Pie - a symphony of sweet and creamy pumpkin mousse, crowned with a dusting of fine cinnamon. It's the perfect finale to your braai feast, bringing warmth and sweetness to every gathering.

Cheese & Tomato Braai Pie (500g)

Fire up the flavour with our own Braai "broodtjie" Braai Pie! Woodfired dough envelops a trio of cheeses, onion petals, and a luscious tomato relish. Every bite is a harmonious blend of textures and tastes that will leave you craving more. 

Spanakopita (500g)

Experience that taste of the Mediterranean with our Spanakopita. Layers of creamy spinach filling intertwined with feta and delicate phyllo pastry create a Greek-inspired masterpiece that's both savoury and satisfying.

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